Park Your Real Estate License 


Hang Your Real Estate License


We’re a referral-only brokerage for real estate agents

who are ready to hang or park a real estate license.

Real Estate Made Easier

What Does It Mean To Hang Your Real Estate License?

When you hang a license with a broker, you transfer it to their firm. As a referral-only agent, you want to pause or put a hold on your real estate career. 


Then you refer clients to another agent who takes over the entire sales process. You no longer represent any clients, but you share in the commission.

Save Thousands of Dollars

Parking a real estate license helps you stop paying thousands of dollars in never-ending fees. By joining our real estate brokerage, you only pay our annual membership and the state license renewal fee. That’s it!

Pursue Other Opportunities

Now you have the time to switch to other endeavors, such as accepting a full-time job, enrolling in higher education, taking care of a sick family member, homeschooling your children, undergoing long-term medical treatment, extended travel, retiring, or pausing to regroup.


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Earn Money Without

Doing The Work


As a referral agent, you get to sit back and collect a commission without doing the work of a traditional agent. After a successful transaction, you’ll earn 25%-35% of the selling or listing commission.


Once we receive the other broker’s check, we take 10% or $99, whichever is greater. We offer convenient payment methods, including check, PayPal, ACH, or domestic wire transfer.*


*Fees may apply depending on your membership package.


Next Steps

Don’t keep paying all those fees!


Once you become a member, you’ll gain access to a private membership portal where you’ll find the next steps and documents.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Why are you including continuing education?

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