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Putting things on hold

Sometimes, the ups and downs in the real estate industry affect your ability to earn a reliable paycheck.


Maybe you’re ready for a break to regroup before re-entering the market. Or your career goals change, but you don’t want to lose your real estate license.


No matter the reason, Park My License℠ can help you. We’ll transfer your license to our referral-only brokerage, so you can pause, hang, hold, or park your license.

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Supporting your success

We understand that paying all those real estate fees can be a burden, especially when you have little to no sales transactions.


When you “park” your license with us, you no longer spend your hard-earned money on all those recurring fees.


All you have to do is remit your annual membership fee to us and pay the state’s renewal fee. Plus, you share in commissions with other agents when you refer clients.


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